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Shortly after bass spawn, there is a transition period where they are sometimes hard to locate. Cold fronts move in and out and the fish get scattered. they aren’t quite in their summer patterns and the majority aren’t exactly shallow.

 This is when you need a bait to cover water quickly. Seeing as the spawn is fresh behind, anything to mimic baitfish is always a great choice.  Which bait you opt for has a lot to do with confidence. However, if you fish the conditions you may gain a lot more confidence in other presentations.

 A swim jig with a twin tail trailer is a great choice for covering water. A jig has accounted for a lot of giant bass catches. Choosing green pumpkin this time of year is perhaps the best choice as it mimics bluegill fry in color. If you dip the tails in dye like Spike It in chartreuse you have the ability to fish most any water condition. 

 You could also pair your swim jig with a swimbait as a trailer or opt to just throw a swimbait on a weighted hook to allow you to cover water quickly. 

 In summation, if you find bites hard to come by shortly after spawn choose a bait to allow you to cover water. Keep moving and soon you should be able to key in on what the fish may be telling you. Tight Lines one and all!!

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