Fizzle Frog




Topwater Bass Baits from BassReaper Bait Co. do not disappoint. When looking for that explosive topwater action a Fizzle Frog will elevate your pulse just with anticipation.  With several different rigging options you will see just how versatile these baits truly are. Whether you use a Hayabusa screwlock  (3/0 or 4/0) texas rig it  and or thread it on the back of a hard buzzbait. It is sure to give you the exhilarating action we all crave as anglers. Tie one on and hang on!!

Throw it in and around lily pads, over matted grass beds, coontail, hydrilla or even the cabbage patches. Topwater Bass Baits are great for beginners.  You can visually see how a lure reacts to your retrieve. Always wait to feel the fish before setting the hook to avoid pulling the bait away prematurely and missing the fish of a lifetime. Keep your rod tip high during retrieve. This allows the bait to buzz on top  the water for most desired action.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 7 × .25 × 5 in

Bama Frog ", " Ghost ", " Bullfrog ", " Black Magic ", " Watermelon Pearl Belly


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