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Our Tungsten dropshot and nail weights are 97% tungsten. Why tungsten? Simply put tungsten is a much denser material.  This allows for a more compact (smaller profile) weight which adds increased sensitivity. When tournament fishing is on the line, and sensitivity is a must. We carry the sizes you need most for those tough and pre frontal conditions. The dropshot weights come in two different styles because each have a unique characteristic. The intent of a skinny dropshot is to allow for coming through grass easier. It’s slender profile reduces the amount of grass getting entangled. The purpose of the teardrop is to allow for better contact along rocks, sand. and gravel.

Nail weights have a pagoda style design. This keeps the nail inserted into your bait. Adding a nail weight to a bait is also called a neko rig. ( A rig where you insert a weight in one end of a plastic bait and hook the bait in or near the middle). A neko rig is a great presentation for a stick style and straight worm style baits. Though rigging a craw much like our mimic craw https://bassreaperbaitco.com/product/mimic-craw/ is a secret most pros won’t divulge. Although there are other use you can find for tungsten dropshot and nail weights we recommend starting here.

















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Skinny Dropshot ", " Teardrop ", " Nail Weight


1/8 (4Pack) ", " 3/16 (4Pack) ", " 1/4 (3Pack) ", " 3/8 (3Pack) ", " 1/2 (2Pack) ", " 1/16 (6Pack) ", " 3/32 (5Pack) ", " 7/64 (4Pack)


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