2.5″ Squarebill




The 2.5″ squarebill crank baits offer a smaller tighter profile imitating fleeing baitfish. The inner chamber rattles attract predatory fish from a distance even in muddy water. Nine bold colors destined to catch fish. Squarebill crank baits designed for shallow water presentations diving to around six feet depending on line diameter. Because of their design these baits will cast far. Getting you to the target zone and staying there longer. For us,  in the fall we are going to prefer the too sexy pattern https://bassreaperbaitco.com/product/2-5-squarebill/ another great option is  the Crawdaddy color scheme.

If you’re a beginner with crank baits, simply  parallel the depth line with your cast and retrieve. It doesn’t matter if you fish from the bank, kayak, or a boat. Take a moderate retrieve. When you feel contact with bottom pause slightly. This often is what triggers a fish into biting. The key to crank bait fishing is to bounce the bait off bottom or other structure. Deflecting off logs, rocks, or even brush piles is critical to success. Flourocarbon line will help aid in hooksets as there is less line stretch compared to monofilament.

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Pink Tuxedo ", " Shadistic ", " Watermelon ", " Tropical Storm ", " Firetiger ", " Marmalade ", " Azure ", " Too Sexy ", " Crawdaddy


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