B.A.S.H. Worm (5 Pack)


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Power Shaky Head  this  BASH worm.  Coming in at 10 inches in length. Ledge fishing is no longer an intimidating presentation because the Power Shaky Head Worm is here. Grab a big 5 or 6/0 Pumpkin Head Jig and probe the depths of legendary lakes like Kentucky Lake. Famous for its offshore ledge fishing. Other rigging options like the Texas Rig are more common. Even  trying this on a Carolina Rig for those summer patterns is a successful approach. We recommend a roundbend offset hook 5/0 https://bassreaperbaitco.com/product/hayabusa-wrm-114-round-bend-offset/

These style hooks offer a better hook up ratio compared to an EWG. When Carolina or Texas rigging, cast out and wait for your weight to contact bottom. Do a slow sweeping drag retrieve and pause briefly after each sweep. Slow and steady are best when working a worm on the bottom.

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420 ", " Watermelon Red Flake ", " DirtNap ", " Witching Hour ", " Morning Magic ", " Emerald Perch ", "
True Blue Herring ", " Black ", " Green Pumpkin ", " Gobylicious


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